2023 Focus Four Campaign

Below are the of Focus Four Toolbox Talks. Please click on each topic to find the stakeholder campaign letter, sample toolbox trainer tips, sample toolbox sign-in sheet and various OSHA publications for your use.  OSHA, our state plans, consultation projects, and construction industry partners request that you share all campaign materials with your industry stakeholders, partners, and alliance members.  As noted below the Focus Four Hazards account for the vast majority of fatalities and serious injuries in the construction industry.  Help us spread the word and save a life! 

Please note that the Focus Four campaign is a four month endeavor and additional toolbox talks will be sent out to stakeholders pertaining to fall, and caught-in/between hazards.  The schedule for the campaign is below:

March – Electrical Hazards

April – Struck-by Hazards

May – Fall Hazards

June – Caught-in/Between

Other toolbox talks can be found at:


https://www.cpwr.com/research/research-to-practice-r2p/r2p-library/toolbox-talks/ (English & Spanish)

https://www.agc.org/learn/education-training/lean-construction/lean-trades-toolbox-talk-series (varied topics)



Certificate of Participation (English and Spanish): Safety Stand down to Prevent Falls in Construction

Remember to CERTIFY your Stand-Down! As in previous years, employers and other stakeholders will be able to download Certificates of Participation and provide feedback on their experiences following their Stand-Down. Certificates are the main way OSHA receives feedback on how many employers participate and ideas for improvement, so that OSHA can evaluate the Stand-Down’s success and make changes in the future. Certificates will be available on OSHA’s webpage. Alternate weblink: https://www.osha.gov/form/stop-falls-stand-down-certificate

 Items marked * are mandatory to print the certificate.

  1. Name of Business*:
  2. Project Title:
  3. State*:
  4. Type of Industry*: (Choices include: Commercial or Residential Construction, Highway, Other Construction, Non-Construction, or Government)
  5. Number of Employees who participated*: (numbers ONLY field)
  6. Optional – Number of years of participation:
  7. Optional – Please tell us about your Stand-Down. What did you do? What materials did you use? How did it go? What do you expect to happen as a result of the Stand-Down? (Limit entry to 1500 characters.)
  8. Optional – How can we improve future initiatives like this? What could have been better? (Limit entry to 1500 characters.)

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Campaign

This year, the Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council, GBCA, OSHA and the Philadelphia Building Trades Council, and the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters are working together to promote awareness of fall hazards on the jobsite as part of the nationwide safety campaign, May 2 – 6, 2022. As part of this campaign, which includes the National Safety Stand Down to Prevent Falls in Construction in May, we are promoting fall protection equipment inspections (FPEI).

Fall protection equipment should be regularly inspected and removed if in poor condition or past its date of effectiveness.

General contractors will be principally responsible for conducting on-site inspections of fall protection equipment and removals. OSHA and the Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council have created a Smartsheet to help record and report on keeping jobsite equipment up to date.


Plan a Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Stand Down Event

We are encouraging MACSC members to dedicate time in May to inspecting fall protection equipment. If you’re  interested in hosting an onsite Stand Down in conjunction with your inspection, please contact Jen Hall or Jim Touey for support in planning and scheduling:


Contact Jim Touey for support and participation from OSHA in your event. OSHA can also provide 2022 fall hazards prevention campaign posters and hard hat stickers.

To help share the Smartsheet with your team, download this QR code that will lead to the online form.



Click here to download the final details from this year’s Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Program