The MACSC Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications from Academic and Trade Students seeking to further their education in the field of environmental, health and safety.   The scholarship application period for the 2022-23 school year is now open! Applications are due by December 1, 2021. Click here and down the application. 



Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council

The MACSC consists of Construction Safety Specialists representing Construction Managers, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Health Care, Union Representatives, Consultants, Construction Association Representatives and Others. MACSC’s efforts are directed towards, but not limited to sharing safety information for our mutual benefit, fostering safety awareness, standardizing safety practices, encouraging cooperation and open communications, providing a resource of knowledge, experience and information and assisting contractors with implementing and maintaining safe work practices.

The Safety Council in collaboration with our industry partners to identify, reduce, and eliminate construction-related hazards. Be a part of the change for safety…be a member of the Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council. Click the “Become a Member” button below.
Great article promoting the OSHA/MACSC Region III Focus Four Campaign – Shout out to the Mid Atlantic Construction Safety Council for their continued support. OSHA’s construction safety training mitigates ‘fatal four’

Lehigh Valley Business
September 3, 2018

MACSC Success Story – “Campaign to Prevent Falls In Construction” Article CWPR: The Center for Construction Research and Training

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MACSC Foundation Scholarship Applications – Academic and Trades

QUALITYAs part of its committee to information quality, MACSC encourages communication with it s members. MACSC fosters discussions with its members and OSHA by a variety of formats including our monthly meetings, phone, and emails.
SAFETYThe information, tools, and resources provided through the Council are designed to assist those in the industry – whether worker or employer – to identify, reduce, and eliminate construction-related hazards.
I wanted to take this time to thank the MACSC for the Scholarship I received for the Spring 2019 year. I am very grateful and appreciate all the support this will provide with my future education. I am currently working in Pennsylvania’s construction safety industry and hope to continue making a difference in the safety community and look forward to a continued relationship with all at the MACSC.

Dustin White

EHS Student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania


If you are a safety professional, working in construction in the Pennsylvania, Delaware or New Jersey area and are interested in becoming a member of the Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council, please download, complete and return our Membership Application listed below.

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