Respiratory Protection: Are Employers doing it right?

OVERVIEW: In this webinar, we will discuss how respiratory protection is misrepresented with regards to when, why, how respirators are used and the dangers involved when a program is not […]

Free Webinar Invitation: Key ANSI Fall Protection Updates You Need to Know

The landscape of the fall protection industry is continuously advancing and changing, with the recent OSHA Falls National Emphasis Program as a notable item. Additionally, the ANSI/ASSP Z359 standards—or Fall Protection Code—are working to keep up with the evolving technologies and practices to meet your needs. Attendees will learn how recent and forthcoming changes to […]

Webinar Invitation: Modern Approaches to Fire Extinguisher Training for Safety Professionals

Join us on Tuesday, June 11 at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET   Register for this free webinar: https://click1.e.1105direct.com/t.do?id=23357:487668:B9F503CA-5A57-48B3-8CC3-A7976752F4C7:1717603800&a=20261431&b=Security+Safety&c=03-5101-61-22-60680-870+&d=1091   Join the LION team for an engaging and informative webinar, presented in coordination with Occupational Health and Safety Magazine, will explore the latest advancements in fire extinguisher training, focusing on innovative techniques designed to maximize […]

Forklift Compliance: Inspection Requirements, Training, and FAQs

Accidents involving forklifts, motorized pallet jacks and other powered industrial trucks contribute to thousands of injuries in workplaces each year, costing companies millions in terms of fines, workers’ comp costs and lost productivity. If your employees use this equipment, accidents and violations are a constant – and very real – threat. Read more and register […]

Free Electrical Risk Assessments for Arc Flash and Electrical Shock – Part 2


This webinar builds on the previous discussion and attempts to provide practical recommendations by showing how organizations can implement these strategies. A quick recap of the previous webinar sets the stage to discuss the components of an Electrical Risk Assessment Management System. We discuss the various items required for a practical electrical risk assessment, such […]

Lockout/Tagout – One of OSHA’s Most Cited Regulations


12:00 - 1:00 p.m. ET Friday, June 21st Speaker: Michael Schneider, Director of Health & Safety Services The Control of Hazardous Energy under 29 CFR 1910.147 continues to be in the top 10 most cited regulations by OSHA nationwide. When it comes to controlling hazardous energy through lockout tagout there are many variables to contend […]

GBCA Eggs with OSHA: Technology in Construction Safety

DoubleTree by Hilton Philadelphia Airport 4509 Island Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Join the Local Area OSHA Office and GBCA for our Eggs with OSHA event, focusing on raising awareness about job site safety technologies. OSHA will provide a heat safety update and explore various apps utilized for safety measures, such as the OSHA Heat App and the National Weather Service App. Additionally, Matt Ries from NovaCare […]

Free Webinar: Developing a Heat Illness Prevention Program in Construction


Wednesday, June 26 at 1:00 p.m. ET (1 hour) It’s heating up outside, which means hotter working conditions for those in construction. According to OSHA, employers are responsible for providing workplaces free of known safety and health hazards, including heat-related hazards. The best way to prevent exposure to these hazards, or at the very least, […]

Free Webinar: OSHA and Heat Stress: A Hot Topic in 2024


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is an estimated 702 deaths, 67, 512 ER visits and 9,235 individuals hospital per year due to environmental heat exposure. In addition, there were 436 worker deaths since 2011 according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. To reduce the numbers of deaths […]

OSHA Compliance Alert: Is Your Hazard Communication Training Up to Par?


Free Webinar Invitation! Register for this free webinar: https://click1.e.1105direct.com/t.do?id=47287:487668:B9F503CA-5A57-48B3-8CC3-A7976752F4C7:1720623000&a=20261431 How often should Hazard Communication training be updated to ensure compliance? What resources are available to help organizations improve their Hazard Communication training? The Hazard Communication standard is regularly found in OSHA’s Top 10 list of most frequently cited serious violations, and training – or a […]